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Ford Mustang

Its appearance is virtually the same as the Cougar, save for the more rounded edges, large grille and flared wheel openings. It’s not likely Ford would alter the design given that it owns the Mustang moniker, but it could be an opportunity for the automaker to create something exclusive to its line-up. Or, it could be a mixture of two distinct cars and the company could keep the design slightly closer to the current production model.

It wouldn’t be Ford’s first foray into building two-door sports cars, as the company also produced the F-100 King Ranch pickup truck.

Perhaps the next Mustang would be more like the Challenger and be slightly more tame, but a four-door coupe would likely be a huge sales boost.

But, even if it doesn’t get a straight two-door coupe, Ford would be on solid footing if it focuses on creating a coupe-based Mustang to sell across the U.S. and beyond.