Societal Norms: Their Evolution & Impact in Modern Life

Societal norms are the invisible threads that weave our social fabric together. They shape our behavior, dictate our interactions, and define what’s acceptable within our communities. But have you ever stopped to wonder where these unwritten rules come from and how they evolve over time?

In this article, I’ll dive into the fascinating world of societal norms. We’ll explore their origins, their im


Real estate agent fees in Thailand: how much does a real estate agent charge?

In Thailand, when it comes to buying a condo or home, many people will choose an agent that works in the industry over someone who is not. In part, this is because hiring a realtor makes sure that both parties are protected under law and also ensures a smooth transaction. However, what costs should you expect your condo for sale in Pattaya to include? All condo buildings in Thailand have an association that oversees the running of the condo and its rules. It is likely that this condo association has a fee to pay in order to register new condo...

Is now a good time to invest in Thailand’s Industrial Real Estate market?

The Industrial Commercial Real Estate market in Thailand is something that has yet to be fully explored by foreigners, which means there are great opportunities for Industrial properties for sale in Thailand. Thailand's Industrial real estate market is an interesting one because it is more of a mixed bag of small companies and larger corporations who are looking to outsource some or all of their operations. A lot of the smaller factories will have lower capital expenditure budgets but lack the negotiating leverage to get better deals on large spaces, while larger corporations with deeper pockets can afford the luxury...