Moving Home Checklist

Moving home checklists are the best tool for planning to move home. Shifting to another place can be very stressful, and it is easy to overlook many things. This includes all the things that need to be done before the move. Here we provide some guidelines for this checklist.

Starting the List

When creating a checklist for moving home, start by setting out a timeline and then making a checklist of categories and then develop the final checklist from that. These categories can include items such as security, bills, and people you need to let know about your change of address. Which of these categories needs to be dealt with at each stage of the timeline? What needs to be done three months before the big day, what needs to be done a month before, a week before, and what can only be done on moving day and when you are in your new place.


There are many categories needed to cover everything in a complete home moving checklist. These include:

  • Bills: What needs to be paid before moving? These include items such as utilities and service providers.
  • Address change: Who needs to know your new address? Those people you need to pay, your doctor, your friends, the tax office.  How soon?
  • Security: The people moving into your old place will need to know the security codes, and you will need to know the new ones.
  • The movers: Start at the search and finding one. Who will pack – you or the movers? Will anything need to be stored?

A Template Outline for the Moving Home Checklist

When the checklist is done, the structure of the list should look like this:

3 Months

  • RemovalsContact removal companies for quotes


  • Clear spare room to create space for packed boxes
  • Start to list what can be donated or discarded if not needed

2 months


  • Sign contract with the movers

Address Changes

  • Notify friends and family of impending address change

1 month


  • Confirm arrangements with movers


  • Make sure that the security codes for the new place are available

Bill payments

  • Pay service providers and provide a new address.


  • Begin packing all non-daily items in
  • Garage
  • Sitting room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

As you see, the structure is set up using a timeline and then categories. The sample is neither complete nor detailed. It would help if you made it as detailed as possible, listing every possibility so nothing is overlooked. Be painstaking about this. The more detailed it is, the less chance you have of overlooking something.


The moving home checklist is the most important tool you have for making the move to a new home as painless as possible. This post has touched on the need for the checklist and some of the elements that it should contain.

I assume you are here because you or someone you know is moving. I hope the move is smooth and that this has helped.